BIMI Record Checker

Ensure your Brand Images for Message Identification (BIMI) records are valid and compliant with our easy-to-use tool.

What is BIMI?

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. It's an email specification that allows brands to display their verified logos next to their email messages in supported email clients.
This helps to:

  • Increase brand recognition and trust: Seeing a familiar logo next to an email makes it more likely that recipients will open it and engage with the content.
  • Improve email deliverability: By authenticating your emails with DMARC and SPF, BIMI can help your emails land in the inbox instead of the spam folder.
  • Reduce phishing attacks: Verified BIMI records make it more difficult for phishers to impersonate your brand.

How BIMI works?

  1. A brand sets up a BIMI record on their DNS server. This record contains the brand's logo and information about how to verify it.
  2. When an email is sent from the brand's domain, the BIMI record is checked.
  3. If the BIMI record is valid, the brand's logo is displayed next to the email in supported email clients.

Which email clients are compatible with BIMI?

Email clients that currently support BIMI:

  • Apple Mail
  • Gmail (for Android and iOS)
  • Yahoo Mail
  • ProtonMail
  • Airmail
  • Spark

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