MX Record Lookup

Prevent email marketing setbacks—check your domain's MX records instantly for insights with our AI-powered tool.

What is an MX Record?

MX records stand for Mail Exchange records. They essentially tell email servers where to deliver emails for your domain.
Incorrect or outdated MX records can cause emails to be lost or sent to the wrong recipient, significantly impacting your email marketing campaigns.

What is an MX Record checker tool or MX lookup tool?

An MX record checker or lookup tool is a digital tool that helps you analyze and verify the MX records associated with a specific domain name. These records are crucial for ensuring your emails are delivered to the correct mail server.

How does MX Record checker works?

  • This tool allows you to input a domain name and retrieve its associated MX records.
  • It displays the list of MX records, including their priorities and hostnames.
  • Identifying errors in the MX records
  • Checking if the MX record's IP addresses are blacklisted
  • Providing recommendations for optimizing your MX records
  • Generating detailed reports

Frequently Asked Questions